What's New?


May 1 to 29, 2019:

The Eclectic Art of Richard Thatcher

Expressionist and representational art in acrylic and mixed media by Saskatchewan artist, sociologist and non-fiction writer Richard Thatcher: 'Flow' and 'Geometric/Grid' abstractions, landscapes and the occasional experimental, surreal piece or evocative portrait



June 1 to 22, 2019:

'Sightlines' by Michael J. Martin, 


'The Spirit of Summer' by Ray Keighley,

RECEPTION:   June 1, 2019, 2 to 4 pm


October 1 to 31, 2019:

'Off the Beaten Path' by Diane Larouche-Ellard

 RECEPTION:   October 5, 2019, 2 to 4 pm

November 2 to November 30, 2019:

'The Spirit of Our Land'

As seen by Indigenous Artists, including: Clarence Keith Bird, Ray Keighley, Michael Lonechild, Kevin Pee-Ace, Jerry Whitehead

RECEPTION:  November 2, 2019, 2 to 4 pm


New and returning artists

We're pleased to welcome several new and returning artists.  In alphabetical order:

Clarence Keith Bird is a talented Cree sculptor, who specializes in carving bears and other subjects in alabaster or soapstone. 

Malaika Z Charbonneau has returned to the gallery with a number of abstract acrylic paintings on canvas, exploring the landscape of urban growth.


James M. Clow draws on his training as an artist and his experience as a potash miner to create unique mixed media landscapes, portraits or paintings of ravens.  He paints in acrylic, but also incorporates potash, beaten silver, gold or copper in some of his paintings.   At the moment, we have two original landscapes and several limited edition prints. 


Roland Daum has just started to show some artwork at our gallery.  We currently have several misty mountainous landscapes in various sizes.



Mother and daughter duo, Shelley Hudson and Rachel Schafer, just finished a joint Exhibition, Separate Lenses:  Shared Genes, Different Visions' with us.  Shelley paints from nature and her extremely creative imagination, mostly in watercolour.  Rachel paints very sensual images of the human body and nature, mostly in acrylic on canvas. 


We currently have seven of Cree artist Jerry Whitehead's brightly coloured surreal scenes of powwow dancers or elders, in acrylic on canvas.  Six are small 24" x 18" scenes that may be purchased separately or as diptychs.   



New Artworks and Reminders

We have new artworks by various gallery artists like Julie Gutek, Valerie Munch and Laurel Schenstead-Smith 


We remind you of our finite selection of heirloom quality crystalline porcelains by ROD AND DENYSE SIMAIR, in a variety of sizes, shapes and glazes, secured before they dismantled their own gallery.   Regretfully, there will be no more!

Ruffled Turquoise Vase, crystalline porcelain by Rod and Denyse SimairCeladon Crystalline Ribbons, by Rod and Denyse Simair

Black Jet, crystalline porcelain by Rod and Denyse SimairDetail of crystals on Black Jet


Bears and other animals

In addition to bears by Clarence Keith Bird, we have

Mark Totan's serpentine polar bears, diving or climbing wet out of the  water



and Dave Riome's abstract, powerful bears

or his owls or gyrfalcons 

Or his hand sculptures 

Buffalo Stones

They can sit on a shelf or be held in your hand