Custom Framing

Nervous about having something custom framed for the first time?

Collector’s Choice Framing has provided the finest in framing services since opening our doors in 1979. Specializing in preservation, Collector’s Choice Art Gallery uses the latest archival materials in conjunction with the highest quality standards.  Our framing experts have years of experience in selecting the finest materials to achieve the best presentation for your special items. We work with you so that your framed item will complement your home or workplace.

With over 2,000 unique wood and metal mouldings, over 1,000 different mat colors and different glazing options, you are sure to find the perfect design, making your custom framing uniquely yours!  Although the selections seem overwhelming, we will assist you in making the best decision for your individual taste, requirements, and budget.

We also sell security hangers which are anti-theft-interlocking devices for wood and metal frames. These are an excellent tool to prevent theft in public areas.

Why custom framing?

Ever asked yourself, "Why should I pay extra for a custom picture frame when I can buy a ready-made frame at the local discount store?" There are times when a mass produced picture frame might be appropriate. When you are ready to prepare your fine art or treasured heirlooms for display, custom framing is the best answer.

Your beautiful fine art, needlework, special personal objects, sports memorabilia and hard earned certificates should be framed in a manner that does them justice and prevents their deterioration over time.  Poor quality framing materials not only don’t display work at its best, but can also cause irreversible damage due to acidic materials coming into contact with artwork.   Ultraviolet radiation can also cause irreversible damage to photographs and prints.  

 A properly finished custom frame is the union of artwork, mats, mouldings and other elements to create a presentation that is unique, complements your personality and enhances your home or office. It is a one-of-a-kind creation that you will never find in a department, discount, or furniture store.

Your custom framed artwork is a permanent investment in the decor of your home or office, and will outlast many of your other accessories. It is more personalized than most of your other furnishings.

Our designers will recommend the best design techniques and color coordination to make the framing itself a "work of art." There are many design methods we can use to make your artwork uniquely yours. We will ensure proper framing techniques are used to enhance and protect your artwork.