Artist Biographies, A - M

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Dave Bauml

Dave grew up in the Marysburg area and continues to live and farm there. Dave is a self-taught artist and loves to capture on canvas everything that he sees around him – humans, animals, landscapes, architecture, and still life objects. As he continued to evolve as an artist, Dave became a participant in the University of Saskatchewan Art Department’s “Saturday Morning Drawing Group”. He was a longtime participant. This led him to attend the Emma Lake art school, studying with instructor Degen Lindner. He has entered his wildlife paintings in Reflections of Nature, sponsored by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Artists/ Association, receiving numerous awards. Dave’s oil paintings were chosen by the Saskatchewan Arts for the ‘On the Move’ program in 2002. His exhibition, Points of Realism, toured our province from 2002 to 2005. His work is currently on display at Collector’s Choice Art Gallery.

Artist’s Statement: The beauty of nature moves me. Everything in nature interests me – humans, animals, landscapes, architecture and still life objects, just to name a few. I love trying to capture what I see around me. My goal is to some day be skilful enough to do this to my satisfaction. Hopefully, other people will enjoy my efforts as well. I also enjoy the process of creating. The solitary nature of painting relaxes and rejuvenates me. The high I experience when I get a passage just right on a painting always keeps me motivated to continue.


Clarence Bird

Clarence Keith Bird is an aspiring Cree artist from The Saddle Lake First Nation. He was born in Lethbridge, Alberta but he was raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Keith was involved with art from an early age. He began sketching seriously when he was 14 years old, and, within that year was granted a scholarship at the Mendel Art Gallery. He was inspired to begin carving driftwood and cedar at the age of 15. One of his early carving mentors was Lloyd Pinay. He also carved under the watchful eye of Dave Kemp.

Keith moved to Vancouver, B.C. in the summer of 1999 where he began to carve soapstone under the tutelage of his uncle, Donnie Bird. After 11 years of living and working in Vancouver, Keith is continuing to carve and develop his own unique style. Through out his career, Keith experimented with a number of different materials. He has worked with marble, Brazilian soapstone, alabaster, and black chloride.

He believes that art can contribute to the preservation of nature through awareness of the people and wildlife of the land. As a result, the relationship between man and his environment is frequently reflected in his work. Keith’s unique styles of stone sculptures are now residing in different parts of the world in select galleries as well as private collections.


Jonathon Burnett

Jonathon is a Saskatchewan based artist born in 1989 in Saskatoon.  He lived in several places while growing up including Belbutte, Cater in Saskatchewan and Grande Cache, Alberta.  Graduating with honors in Medstead, Saskatchewan Jonathon took an early interest in art, especially drawing.
Except for some early school art classes he was mainly self-taught.  However, after being encouraged to get some formal training and art education, he enrolled in the University of Saskatchewan's Extension Program, taking a figure-drawing course with Degen Lindner.  He made great progress in this class and he received strong encouragement.  These encouragements led Jonathon to pursue a University of Saskatchewan's Certificate of Art and Design. 
Unlike most young artists, Jonathon is not afraid to explore different mediums and different compositions.  His works are very expressive, from abstract to portraiture.  He has learned to simplify, to focus on the essences of a subject.  This is most manifested in his more recent paintings.  Jonathon is still growing and changing as an artist. 

Lou Chrones   1933-2015

Lou was born and educated in Saskatoon. She married Jack Chrones and they had four children and several grandchildren. She began painting in oils in 1972 and in 1979 started experimenting with watercolours. Acrylics and multi-media collage pieces were  later additions to her portfolio.

Lou studied sculpture with Saskatoon artist Arthur Wells and attended art classes conducted by such notable artists as Gordon Weber, Honor Rogers, Noella Thompson, Jim Drake, Miranda Jones, Kevin Quinlan, Niki Forrest, and Degen Lindner. She in turn had a long career as a teacher:  she gave private lessons, preferring to work on a one to one basis with students. She was involved in giving watercolour demonstrations at primary schools, The Saskatoon Exhibition, and Sundog Handcraft Fair as well as sketching demonstrations at "Sunfest" at the Mendel Art Gallery. Lou organized art groups at Luther Heights Adult Day Centre, Sherbrooke Community Adult Day Centre and Sherbrooke Nursing Home. As a founding member and past president of the Artist's Workshop Co-operative, she was active in organizing workshops and exhibitions for this group. She was formerly a member of Broadway Painters Workshop.

Lou worked with Interior designers on various projects, both residential and commercial. She did many private commissions. Her work hangs in many private collections around the world. Lou had many group and solo shows throughout Saskatchewan and still has work consigned to Collector’s Choice Art Gallery in Saskatoon and other galleries in the province.
Lou is listed in Marketa Newman's "Biographical Dictionary of Saskatchewan Artists." In November of 2005 Lou was a recipient of the ‘Saskatchewan Centennial Medal’ for art.

Artist’s Statement: I am concerned with creating an illusion of three-dimensional space while working on a two dimensional sheet of paper. I am intrigued with the contrast of light and shade form-patterns. Painting is my way of sharing a thought or feeling with the viewer.

Mary Davidson

Mary’s fascination with the beauty of the world around her began as a child on her parents’ farm. Her tie with rural Saskatchewan continued as her teaching career took her to several communities throughout the province. The time Mary spent with her family enjoying the wonder of nature in the outdoors whether camping or at the cottage or walking along the Meewasin Trail has been precious and inspiring. Saskatoon, its community, its urban prairie intrigue, and its beauty were long home and a source of joy, inspiration and strength. Recently, beautiful Anglin Lake, a little community they love, has become home to Mary and her husband Keith.

Mary’s first teacher and greatest influence was her mother. Mary has taken classes in art from the University of Saskatchewan. She was a member of the Broadway Painters with Inger De Coursey and Helen MacMillan and the Bridge City Artists with Rolf Krohn. She paints as well with a group of friends; Group Six. Through workshops she has been inspired and influenced by artists David Alexander, Bill Epp, and Brian Atayo. In 2002 Mary attended the Kenderdine campus at Emma Lake with artist in residence Wynona Mulcaster and in 2003 with artist in residence Lorna Russell.

Mary has led workshops in watercolours at Lakeland Art Gallery, Christopher Lake and with the Saskatoon Painters Club, and in the communities of Tisdale, Melfort and Watrous through the Saskatchewan Arts Council.

Jonn Einerssen

Gracious and opinionated, Jonn Einerssen is both a good listener and wonderful conversationalist. It is a paradox that is also revealed in the subjects he paints: seascapes and prairie vistas.

Although worlds apart Jonn's love for both the sea and prairies is inspired by his life experiences. Born in 1949 and raised on the western prairie, Jonn grew up surrounded by golden wheat fields, and views of grain elevators rising out of the horizon into the big, western sky. It was those impressions that Jonn would first put to canvas. Upon moving to the West Coast of British Columbia, Jonn gravitated to the ocean, which he found had an affinity with the prairies. Wide open spaces, as far as the eye could see, provided limitless potential for experiencing nature in all its glory. Mesmerized by its raw power, Jonn went on to paint the rhythms and moods of the sea with a remarkable authenticity.

Jonn's hallmark seascapes often include the image of a sunlit wave, captured in a hypnotic, frenzied dance, revealing a fleeting moment in the ebb and flow of time. Jonn sees painting as a mix of craft and philosophy, a subject of which he never tires, and the inspiration for spirited conversation among old friends, and new ones. "I approach a painting out of a desire for self expression," he says. But also from what I see in others. That raw expression, as colorful, inspired and passionate as the artist himself, defines the art and vision of Jonn Einerssen.

Remarkably, Einerssen, born in 1949, did not begin painting or even sketching until he was 21. Both privately and self-taught, he quickly became a flourishing, self-sustaining artist, capturing the attention of private and corporate collectors. He conducts workshops throughout the year, passing on this disciplined approach to aspiring artists while demonstrating his masterful style and technique.


Julie Gutek

Julie received her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1975. She has been a member of the Bridge City Artists since 1995 and continues her affiliation with them. Over the years Julie has attended various workshops by Brian Atyeo, Linda Kemp, Lorna Russell and Degen Lindner. She has also taken classes at the University of Saskatchewan Kenderdine Campus.

Artist's Statement: I am a resident of Saskatoon. I have been painting for many years, with interruptions. I am mainly self-taught, although I have taken courses which interested me. I hope to be able to learn, and experiment and in the process to push myself to a higher level.

The landscape offers so much to the painter: the moods of the seasons, light bouncing off water, rich colours, varied textures, northern wilderness, and prairie vistas. Painting is my way of exploring the environment. I am intrigued by the wildness of the untouched forest: the cycle of decay and regeneration. I choose my subjects by what delights and captures my imagination.

My view includes pattern, colour and composition. I want to express the warmth and lush greenery of summer, the crisp air and vivid contrasts of autumn, the icy-cold beauty of winter and the delicate freshness of spring.

Don Hefner

Don Hefner was born on September 3, 1939 in Denver, Colorado. His birthday was Labour Day, the first day of WWII. Don is a citizen of the USA and a landed immigrant in Canada from August 18, 1967. Don received his elementary, secondary and university education in Colorado, and postgraduate studies in Education and Geology led him to study and settle in Saskatoon. He was employed at the University of Saskatchewan as a tenured Assistant Professor in the College of Education and also worked as a Research Assistant for the Department of Continuing Medical Education.

Don is a man of many varied talents and interests. His enjoyment of the outdoors and passion for ecological responsibility led him to create “found” art pieces, eventually developing the intricate and precise wire and metal sculptures for which he has developed an international following. An ardent fisherman, Don also enjoys writing poetry, ventriloquism, and researching new scientific discoveries, especially in astronomy, earth science and paleontology of dinosaurs. One of his most recent recreational passions is figure skating on roller skates.

Don shows and sells sculpture throughout Saskatchewan and in Boston and New York. He is a generous donor to many local charities and has been featured in newspaper, radio and television articles.

Brent Heighton

Few artists can lay claim to the wide-spread appeal Brent Heighton enjoys. His work is represented in over 100 corporate collections, sells in more than 20 countries around the world, and even Heighton is surprised at the variety of places it turns up. Watching television he has spotted his paintings on the sets of "L.A. Law" and "Full House".

Brent Heighton lives and paints in the province of his birth, British Columbia. Nature remains a favoured subject, although the artist experiments with a wide range of themes.

Shelley Hosulak

Shelley’s exploration with painting began in 1998 when she began painting in watercolour; she enjoys the ephemeral quality of this timeless medium. Pen and ink-washed watercolours, acrylic on canvas, and urban sketching also intrigue her. Themes that figure predominantly in Shelley’s paintings and sketches are the natural attractions of water, the human form, and the mysteries of the sky because they offer constant change and infinite interpretations. She enjoys plein air experiences near the sea, in the mountains, in the desert, and on the prairies. The landscapes of Gordon MacKenzie and Graham Flatt are contemporary influences in Shelley’s environmental abstractions while Monet and Picasso provide endless inspiration.

Presently, Shelley’s paintings can be viewed at Collector’s Choice Gallery and Karavan in Saskatoon.  Solo exhibitions include: Boffins’ Gallery, Innovation Place (2016); The Frances Morrison Gallery (2002) in Saskatoon and SaskPower’s Gallery on the Roof (2002) in Regina.


Marilyn Hurst

In the early 90'S Marilyn's art "career" began to germinate after she discovered  a hidden reservoir of creative energy. The transition to becoming an artist was a tremendous learning curve, and over the years working exclusively with a mentor Marilyn developed a new found respect for the resolve necessary to make the art profession work for oneself.

In 1997 Marilyn and husband Chris MacClure, a 40 year veteran artist, moved to Cabo San Lucas in the Baja. Their 2nd storey studio morphed over the next 13 years to become the most respected art gallery in Los Cabos and their Golden Cactus Gallery's amazing collection of artists and art became the benchmark of excellence for the art community in the southern Baja.

Painting and running a gallery in a foreign country provided opportunity to hone painting skills and the excitement of the Mexican culture gave inspiration for the work Marilyn's paintings are a ménage of life experience and creative energy and her landscapes, flora is, portraiture and expressionist abstracts all reflect the vibrant colors of Mexico.

Recently the gallery in Cabo was sold to allow for more travel and painting time. Marilyn still spends several months painting in Mexico and the rest of the time at her studio in White Rock, BC.


Paul Jacoby

Paul was born in Regina and from an early age his two major interests were art and sports. He attended the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon where he received a B.A/B.Ed. Paul played for the Huskies basketball team for five years and in 1988 was inducted into the `Wall of Fame'.

Paul is a self-taught artist. Much of Paul’s inspiration comes from the beauty of Saskatoon and the surrounding area. He believes in painting outdoors, directly from the landscape that moves him. Paul's medium of choice is watercolour.

Cecelia Jurgens

Cecelia Jurgens is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour. She is also an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Cecelia is best known for her contemporary paintings, celebrating colour and light. She enjoys working in the diverse mediums of watercolour, acrylic and pastel. She has been in many group shows since l987, and solo shows since l998.

In 2001 the Deputy Chief of Protocol for the Provincial Government commissioned her to paint a prairie scene. This painting was presented as a gift from the Province of Saskatchewan to President Vladimir Putin of Russia when he was in Ottawa. The Province has since commissioned five more paintings for similar presentations. Her work is in private, public, and corporate collections across Canada, the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Russia and Africa.

Since 1999, Cecelia has been teaching Art Workshops. These workshops vary from Basic Drawing, Beginner Watercolour, Intermediate and Advanced Watercolour, Fun with Acrylic, Beginner Pastel, and Ink and Watercolour Sketchbook Workshops.

In 2004 Cecelia began her Sketchbook Workshop Adventure Tours! These Sketchbook Adventure Tours have taken place in Italy – Rome, Tuscany and Umbria regions; England – Windsor, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Cotswold Villages and the Lake District; South America – Chile, the Andes, and Argentina; Western Canada – the Hoodoos and Rockies; France – Paris and Provence area; Spain, Portugal, and Marrakech, Morocco; Greece – Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini, and most recently our colourful province of Newfoundland. Now Cecelia is excited to be offering another Sketchbook Workshop Adventure to Europe – A European fairytale featuring Amsterdam, the Black Forest & the Alsace.

Working as a full-time artist her work is represented by Collector’s Choice Art Gallery in Saskatoon.

Ray Keighley

Ray Keighley is a Cree/Metis artist who was born and raised in the foothills of Alberta and who has family roots on the Sucker River Reserve north of Lac La Ronge, Saskatchewan.

Art has been an integral part of Keighley’s life since early childhood and in 1988 he graduated with a BFA from the University of Saskatchewan. He now lives and works in Warman, Sask.

Keighley’s work varies from realism to a more abstract, conceptual practice. He has extensive experience as a painter and printmaker. Besides smaller works, Ray enjoys working on murals. Native content often gives an added creative energy to Keighley’s art objects, reflecting the artist’s balance between his ethnic origins, his life and work.

Irene Knott

Irene has studied with Zoltan Szabo, Cecil Staigh, Clint Hunker, and Rolf Krohn; attended Trillium Workshops with Brian Atyeo and Jack Reid; attended classes at the Emma Lake Art Camp, and studied sculpture at the U. of S. Irene is a past member of the Broadway Painters Workshop and the YWCA All Day Painters.

Artist's Statement:  Art comes from an internal need to express. I try to project my own personal feelings and involvement into a painting. My primary focus is the beauty of the Saskatchewan landscape and the changing seasons.

Lisa Kozokowsky

Her iconic work pushes the boundaries between traditional and the contemporary abstractive landscape. An inspired student of Turner, her visions are thick and atmospheric; full of colour and movement. This energy bursts through Kozokowskv's rich abstractive landscapes, creating powerfully intriguing works that float between contemporary and historic painting styles.

Kozokowsky's oversized canvases in a combination of oils, metals and encaustics portray western images. Her inspiration for her uniquely "wild woman" style is drawn from the rich colors and gold leaf of the Canadian contemporary landscape, as well as the rich natural resources of our own topography Kozokowsky is primarily self-taught, with the exception of ACAD, University of Calgary, and City of Calgary night courses. She also attends various workshops and is constantly learning and exploring different techniques.

Lisa Kozokowskvs art is collected all over Canada and the United States by individuals and corporations alike. The following are some of the corporations who own collections: Carrera investments Corp. - Calgary, Alberta Canaccord Capital Corporation - Calgary, Alberta DC Energy Services Inc. - Calgary, Alberta Northwest Tank Lines Inc. - Calgary, Alberta, Langley, B.C, Woodstock, Ontario Rouge Restaurant - Calgary, Alberta Selene - Toronto, Ontario Laughing Stock Vineyards - Penticton, B.C. Nesbitt Burns - Vancouver, B.C. & Calgary, Alberta

Lisa currently resides in Calgary, Alberta with her husband Gregory, daughter Kyra and her beloved Chihuahua, Thor.


Diane Larouche-Ellard

I grew up in Saskatoon and attended the University of Saskatchewan where I received my BFA degree in 1987. I have been living, working and painting in Biggar, Saskatchewan since 1989.

I live in a rural community west of Saskatoon, and I’ve recently turned my focus close heart and my home. It may seem odd to describe a prairie landscape or an overgrown garden as new, but to me they are new and inspiring; painting them is always challenging and exciting.

I paint landscapes, gardenscapes, and to a lesser degree, figures. I paint in oils and acrylics and incorporate charcoal, drawing media, paint markers and stencils. My work explores the line between painting and drawing, leaning towards a mixed media sensibility. My preferred substrates are stretched canvas, and cradled panel. Panel makes a resilient, rigid support, allowing me to draw vigorously into the surface.

I work almost exclusively from my own photographs. My best paintings flow easily from the camera lens to my easel. Part of each summer is spent with friends and neighbors driving me around their farms and back roads showing me their favorite places; perhaps letting me invade their yards and gardens, collecting images and inspiration for a winter of painting. It is my hope that my paintings entice viewers to pause, and perhaps feel even a little of the excitement I feel when I find a painting in the lens of my camera.

Ken Lonechild  1960-2017

Ken Lonechild was born in 1960 on the Whitebear reserve near Carlyle, Saskatchewan. He was basically a self taught artist in all aspects of art, including cartooning and commercial art. His later acrylic works depicted life on the reserve as he remembered it. In many of his scenes a small boy could be seen tagging along with the elders as they embarked on hunting or fishing expeditions; to fetching water or cutting down a fir tree. These were images that were most real and deeply ingrained in Ken's lifestyle and his native ancestry. Each work portrayed memories of warmth, action and colour.

Ken resided in Regina for a time, and then  returned to White Bear which continued to replenish his artistic vision capturing the realities of life of the aboriginal people.


Michael Lonechild

Michael Lonechild was born in October, 1955 and raised on the White Bear Reserve near Carlyle, Saskatchewan. At an early age, Michael developed a great appreciation for the way of life of his people on the reservation and has many detailed memories of this fast disappearing life-style. From these explicit memories, he is able to capture and depict in vivid colour and with great feeling these scenes from days past. 

Michael's paintings have a fundamentally realist style with an impressionistic overlay. His use of acrylic, which dry quickly, enable him to accentuate the mood in his art, "My technique is what people like to call the 'overlapping style': I continue to paint over and over the same area in order to build up the mood.”... This style reflects the blending of man with nature which is at the heart of Michael's work. 

Seemingly always interested in art, Michael started painting and selling locally for a number of years, during which time his talent and reputation grew substantially. By the early eighties, he was recognized as one of the youngest and fastest rising Cree artists by Dr. John Anson Warner in his book "The Life and Art of the North American Indian." Michael's life and work were also detailed and displayed on a national television show on up and coming artists during the late eighties. A number of very successful one man shows followed, and since then, Michael has had shows all across Canada. 

He is honoured to have some of his creations hang in the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC as well as in private collections and galleries throughout North America. As one of Saskatchewan's most accomplished and respected Cree artists, Michael Lonechild's paintings can be found in corporate, gallery and private collections throughout North America.

Chris MacClure

Chris is always looking for that authentic gesture or moment in everything. His paintings are an expression of his "Romantic Realist" view of life, not crafty nor painterly.

Born into an artistic family in St. John, New Brunswick on the east coast of Canada, Chris was surrounded by the arts from a young age. His father was a jazz musician and mother a playwright, His grandfather was an illustrator, so it never occurred to him that he couldn't do it. He assumed everyone was an artist.

This sense of inner confidence has taken Chris to places and studios around the world for more than 40 years. During his travels he attended Sir George University (Concordia) Fine Arts in Montreal Canada and the Emily Carr School of Art & Design in Vancouver Canada. His works have been exhibited across Canada. the US, Mexico and Hong Kong. Numerous paintings of his may be found in many corporate collections worldwide. Some collectors include, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, James Whitmore, mezzo soprano Frederica Von Stade, drag racing legend Don Prud'Homme, Bill Clinton, Pepsi Co. and the Ford Motor Co. of Detroit, and recently the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (Will & Kate).

He is the founder of "International Artist Day" A special day held worldwide each Oct 25th to honor all artists. As a international Canadian artist Chris spends his time as a Cabo San Lucas artist in Baja, Mexico for some of the winter months and is a White Rock artist living in South Surrey B.C.

Debra Martin

“I was born in Moose Jaw, and also lived in Swift Current for a number of years.  We had to leave Saskatchewan in search of work for my dad when I was 5. We had relatives living in Kelowna, B.C., so we headed west.

 My parents were both born and raised in Southern Saskatchewan, and we have many aunts, uncles and cousins still living there now.  We spent most summers visiting our relatives on their farms in various communities. Now as an adult I return to Saskatchewan with my own kids every other year to attend family reunions.  

 Growing up, my dream had always been to work as an artist.  I think it takes a lot of courage and commitment, however, to pursue art as a career.  My concern upon high school graduation was to make a living, so I decided to pursue a different avenue in terms of career.  I attended the University of Victoria, and earned an undergraduate in Psychology.  I then traveled to Nova Scotia and became a registered nurse, specializing in Psychiatry.  I ended up working for years with adolescents, children and adults in various psychiatric settings.  Realizing that I needed to understand more about the field of counselling, I obtained my Masters Degree in Clinical Counselling at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.  Thereafter, I worked in private and community counselling settings and, up until a few years ago, ran a support group for patients and family members at the Cancer Agency in Kelowna. After joining a painting group that consisted of a number of professional and part-time artists, I decided to take the plunge and pursue painting on a full-time basis.  I have been painting all my life on some level or other, but began to make a habit, or perhaps a point, of painting every day for the past 12 years. I know that the privilege of the access clients have allowed me to their inner worlds and emotions has informed my current work in the world of art.  When I paint I am always conscious of the dichotomies of fragility and strength, light and dark, whole and broken, flawed and flawless, and beauty in imperfection.  I think the human experience is about recognizing and accepting these dichotomies within ourselves.  And in my art as it was with my counselling, my work is about exploring and celebrating these dualities.”  

Michael J. Martin

Artist Michael J. Martin B.A., B.Ed. works and resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan teaching Art Classes in his studio while producing commissioned artworks and commercial graphics.

A University of Saskatchewan graduate, Michael earned Bachelor of Arts and Education Degrees on his way to certification as a teacher of Visual Arts.

He taught Art in rural Saskatchewan high schools as well as for the City of Saskatoon Recreation Department before starting private classes and opening his studio in 2003.

Michael’s computer graphics are used for silk screen prints, computerized embroidery, signage, business cards, advertisements, as well as a diverse range of commercial applications.

Michael’s portraits, landscapes, and cityscapes are known for his strong style of realism and technical expertise. Artworks by Michael J. Martin are found in private collections across Canada, in Japan and the U.S.


Mary Masters

Mary was born in Buckinghamshire, England, and has enjoyed all forms of painting, drawing and creating visual worlds for as long as she can remember.

After completing her formal education, she entered the National Diploma of Design programme at High Wycombe College of Art and Design, specializing in Fine Art. The training emphasised the mechanics of perspective, composition, and anatomy, together with the techniques of printmaking, sculpture, oil painting, and photography. Ironically, it did not include the art of watercolour, but did give her a fascination for the sense of light that has been a feature of all her subsequent works.

Marriage to a roving Civil Engineer in 1969 was followed by twelve years of living around the African continent, including Algeria in the north, the Ivory Coast in the west, and the Seychelles Islands off the east coast, in the Indian Ocean. Throughout this time, she painted whenever her busy life and many moves permitted. Other activities included the birth and upbringing of a daughter and a son, collecting menageries of local animals, and creating tropical landscape gardens.

Her abiding passion for watercolours began comparatively late, when an architect friend in the Seychelles gave her an unwanted roll of blueprint paper, on which to experiment with a box of her children’s paints. The possibilities of this medium for creating luminescence were immediately obvious, in spite of the basic material. From these early experiments she started the evolution of her own style, which she has been developing ever since. The family moved to Canada in 1982, and from the first morning spectacle of sunlight glowing pink on pristine snow, Mary has loved the country. The changes of the seasons, the spacious prairies, and the massive sculpture of the mountains, are just a few of the endlessly stimulating and rewarding subjects waiting to be painted.

She now works in her studio full-time, trying to capture the elusive quality of light in its ever-changing forms, sometimes nostalgically recreating the gentle diffused light in England, or the brilliant colours of an African market scene, or the shady magnificence and magic of a West Coast rainforest as well as the sparkle of frost and snow, or the wide open spaces of a prairie landscape.

The changes and contrasts of this great land are an endless surprise and pleasure that Mary enjoys sharing with all viewers of her work. Her works are in private and corporate collections in England, France, Germany, Spain, Kenya, South Africa, Seychelles, Hong Kong, the United States and Canada.

Wendy Morosoff Smith

Wendy Morosoff Smith was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and grew up in prairie towns in Saskatchewan where she was greatly influenced by the landscape. She studied graphic design and worked as an award-winning designer throughout western Canada and the Yukon. After a trip to Florence, Italy in 1990 where she studied printmaking at the Santa Reparata studio, Wendy’s career changed direction. Wendy now focuses on painting and printmaking, working out of her studio in Tsawwassen, south of Vancouver, as well as the Dundarave Print Workshop on Granville Island in Vancouver.

Wendy’s work is exhibited throughout Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia.

Artist’s Statement: The horizon line has always been of great interest to me. This fascination is likely the result of growing up on the prairies where the horizon forms a dramatic point of reference. The horizon is the place where the land kisses the sky, the meeting of the heavens and the earth, the threshold of the physical and the spiritual. It has also become for me, a metaphor for time. Like the future, the horizon is always just ahead and beyond, an illusion really, and never attainable, for as we approach it, it moves forward and pulls us along with it. It is this mystery, this invisible force, that I strive to express in my art.

I explore the tension between abstract and landscape tradition. Blending abstraction and landscape symbolism with the study of light and space, my pieces are as much meditations on place, time, the elements, memory and perception as they are landscapes.

Valerie Munch

Valerie Munch’s interest in art deepened while attaining her Teaching Certificate at the University of Saskatchewan. Her first works included studies in charcoal and oils however, over the years watercolour has become her favourite medium. A fascination with “light” has resulted in a wide variety of subjects – from prairie landscapes and Saskatoon landmarks to fields of wild flowers and still life in Saskatchewan, Arizona, and English country gardens.

Valerie is a member of the “Artists Workshop” that is a group of emerging artists seeking to share space and experience. Working with school children and exhibitions at nursing homes keeps the group connected to the community.

Her work can be found in private and corporate collections and at Collectors Choice Art Gallery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.