FACES - Jonathon Burnett       September 4th - 25th

          Artist statement 

The human figure, in particular faces fascinates and influences my current body of work.  Faces to me are intriguing. I am trying to understand and envision what the figures in these portraits are feeling in that moment.  To express these emotions and feelings I am experimenting with the exaggerations of the line, color, and shape, with in the space of the portrait.
 Creatively the process begins with found images from magazines and my own photographs, which then are used for the initial sketches on canvas.  I have been exploring the use of different mediums, techniques for applying the pigments, and final treatments of my work.  I usually start by applying soft pastel and charcoal by hand on the canvas then sealing the pastel with a pouring medium.  My smaller portraits consist of acrylic paint, glazing liquid, and ink.  Some even contain collage elements, which were used for a base at the start of the composition.
The face invites interpretation.  The viewer can relate the images I create to their own thoughts and experiences, creating a unique narrative for each individual.  This current work I see as a prelude to formal portraiture.  I am excited about this next step as an artist.